Best Consoles for Christmas

Winter time more often than not means plenty of TV and plenty of gaming. Games consoles have come a long way in the past couple of decades. It is not long ago the Nintendo Gameboy was the lord of the consoles and we all sat in front of our Sega Master System’s waiting for a new Sonic the Hedgehog adventure in 8Bits.

However, we’re now in an age of super gaming – one where consoles come with umpteen processors and enough power to send a man to the sun. So, which are the best consoles on sale for Christmas this year and what separates them from each other – aside from the promo code.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo have been in the console gaming scene since God was playing with his Lego. The Japanese company has contributed many gaming highlights to the world from the NES, to the Game and Watch, to Super Mario, the Snes, Nintendo 64 – we could go on.

The Nintendo Wii follows along this line of innovation and offered a first in gaming when it arrived with its motion control. Being able to physically bowl, box or play tennis on a computer was an idea that had been tried before, but failed badly.

The Wii offered all of this with its sports and still does. The console has grown into a very popular machine and it is the most intuitive of all the gaming platforms on offer. It is also currently the cheapest and most family friendly – due to the controls. Picking up one of these devices for Christmas is advised if you want fun, have kids or enjoy party games and you can use an Amazon discount code to get the best value.

Xbox 360

There was once a breed of human called the PC gamer. These smaller than average, prickly eared folk were the most avid and hardcore of all gamers. In true computer game style, they morphed into the Xbox 360 gamer.

The Xbox offers an intuitive controller via its Connect, though is the most serious of all the gaming packages. It comes with a great catalogue of games from Microsoft and in some ways is a far better console than the Playstation and the Wii. It is the purer of the gaming machines.

Xbox 360 buyers will receive a slightly lower priced console than the PS3 and one with many similar games. For many the controller is also that bit better and seems to be easier to use once you get used to it. The console can be got with some great promo codes offering extra games and peripherals and is one of the best places to et it as it will be delivered on time for the Christmas, right to your door.


The PS3 is probably the most well known console and it comes with a BluRay player and a list of games that would make MB jealous. The computer is a sleek black box with a large amount of memory and the familiar Blue Tooth PS3 controller.

Users appreciate the PS3 for its entertainment value as an all round machine. It does the Internet, free online gaming, BluRay playback and can be teamed with the PS Move for intuitive movement games.

The computer is also built by Sony, meaning it is a solid computer with few reliability issues. Sony built these machines at a loss for a long time – this shows the quality of technology included in this device.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo and Call of Duty Modern Warfare have come to change what we expect from a device. The Playstation 3 does all of that and is a dream machine that many will be delighted with for Christmas.


When choosing a gaming machine it is important to understand who it is for. The Nintendo Wii offers a very friendly platform for the more casual gamer. Whereas the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are that bit more complex, though all are better off with an Amazon voucher code.

For avid gamers these are pretty much neck and neck and many people stay one side of the line or the other. However, it is always nice to experience the other side and now that both are at their lowest ever prices you can easily afford to indulge with this mindset.

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