Picking Up a Great Gaming Mouse For You: 5 Secret Guidelines That Help

Any gamer understand that to take their gaming experiences to a whole new level, gaming gear is the answer. In my opinion, the most important gear of all is the gaming mouse. Do you know how to get the best one yet?

Truth is, there are many choices for you out there. You can burn your pocket buying a fancy mouse. But how it could satisfy your needs is debatable.

If you follow me, I will share with you how to make the best decision possible. So, let’s move on. I have 5 useful tips for you. Because I’m a gamer just like you.

Tip #1: Be clear with your favorite game genre

In fact, there are many game genres out there. From real-time strategy games, first person shooting, online games to action RPG and more. If you want to shop for a new gaming mouse, keep inside your mind your favorite gaming genre.

Because mice are created differently for many types of games.

If you love playing FPS games, you need a mouse with high resolution (more than 2000dpi). While this might not be the case with RTS gamers. Continue reading